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How to Roleplay Correctly

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How to Roleplay Correctly

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 02, 2016 2:17 pm

To be respected and taken seriously, you must know how to roleplay.

Basic Format:
Action - You must use the symbols ; or - or * on either side of your action line.
- EXAMPLE: -I lifted the glass to my lips, tipping it back and allowing the wine to flood my throat-
Speaking - You must use quotes when speaking.
- EXAMPLE: "You dare defy me?!"
Whispering - You are not allowed to actually use the whisper command while IC, but you may type your whisper aloud.
- EXAMPLE: [WHISPER:]"What a hideous dress, don't you agree?"
- EXAMPLE: -She leaned over to her friend's ear and whispered: "What a hideous dress, don't you agree?"-


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