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Members of the Royal Family

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Members of the Royal Family

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 02, 2016 2:08 pm

You should definitely know who your Rulers are. If anyone claims to be royal, check this thread to make sure it is approved. Are you interested in being part of the royal family? Talk to Obscurite to prove your loyalty and dedication to the roleplay.

The King of Vampires:
Username - jomalley
Name - Adrian/Alucard Tepes
Age - 192, but has the physical appearance of a 30 year old.
Personality - The King is a very quiet man who rarely speaks. When he does, he speaks kindly but sternly. He is a very well kept man.
Appearance - Black Hair, Red Eyes, Pale Skin, Black/White/Crimson Clothing. He is a very tall man reaching 6'2".

The Queen of Vampires:
Username - Obscurite
Name - Cecilia
Age - 183, but has the physical appearance of a 20 year old.
Personality - The Queen is a very serious, stern woman. She keeps to herself and rarely speaks to others. She is often found standing close behind her husband. She loves to read, and books are her favorite gift.
Appearance - Black Hair, Green Eyes, Pale Skin. She wears big dresses that are usually black and crimson. She is very short, reaching 5'1".

The Princess:
Name - Charlotte
Age - 5
Personality - The Princess is a very fun, happy girl. She loves playing with toys and figures, but also likes to get into mischief. She is not very lady like.
Appearance - Black Hair, Green Eyes, Pale Skin. She wears small red and black dresses, but also fancies pink clothing.

The Prince:
Name - Nicholas
Age - 9
Personality - The Prince is a very quiet boy who loves to read and draw. He explores the castle every day, and knows every crevice of his home. He is excited to be King and has a very determined personality.

The Prince:
Name - Bartholomew
Age - 12
Personality - This Prince is a very outgoing, loud son. He is rude but knows his place. He loves to paint and study science as much as he can. He does not want to be King.

The Queen knows her duty is to produce heirs. She will have more children in the future, meaning more positions will become available.


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