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Servants Information

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Servants Information

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 02, 2016 1:52 pm

Are you interested in being a servant? Well, don't be fooled. Being a servant does not mean you will not be respected or be able to climb to high power. For now, though, you should know how to act:

Basic Information:
- Women and Men can both be servants.
- You are very low rank.

Your Duties:
- Bring the King and Queen food and drink.
- Follow orders given to you.
- Clean.

Know Your Rights:
- You do not deserve to be treated lower than a human.
- If you are being harassed or abused, please report it in the BULLY thread.
- Intimacy and Adultery are allowed, but rape will result in PERMANENT BAN! If someone in the roleplay tries to sexually harass you when you don't want it, screenshot it and send it directly to user Obscurite.


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