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Knight Information

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Knight Information

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 02, 2016 1:47 pm

Are you interested in being a knight? This post will tell you how to act, how to fight, how to dress, etc.

The Basics:
- Only men are allowed to be knights. Remember, this is the 1500's.
- Your job is to protect your kingdom and your rulers. This includes people of the court.
- Being a knight does not mean you are high rank.

- Knight
- Knight Captain
- Knight Commander
- General

- When you are off duty, you must wear black/blue/tan/brown clothing. Simple shirts and pants will do. NO jewelry.
- When you are on duty, you must wear the uniform that is available in the Halloween Section of the furni shop.
- Remember your helmet!

Know Your Rights:
- The King, Queen, Princes, Princesses, Captains, Commanders, and Generals are the only ones allowed to give you commands. Do not take commands from other knights, people of the court, and servants.
- Even though you are not high rank, you still deserve respect from your fellow knights. Please report bullying, abuse, and harassment in the bully thread.

Roleplay Rules:
- When in combat, you must have more than 7 words per line. Otherwise, it will be voided.
- To kill, you must have more than 8 lines of the action.

Punishments and Restrictions:
- Conspiring and violent actions against your rulers will result in punishment. The King and Queen know who is the Commander, Captain, and General, so do not try to fake your motto.


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