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Sumbit Your Character Applications!

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Sumbit Your Character Applications!

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 02, 2016 10:20 pm

Ready to apply? Just copy and paste the format and get to work! We're excited to have you in our Kingdom. Are you ready to climb to the top?

Submit your application below!


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Re: Sumbit Your Character Applications!

Post by Arzinic on Mon Aug 08, 2016 6:10 pm

Username: Ryder_Stone
Name: Acilliaz Warrendale aka Black Hand.
Age:1145 B.C
Physical Appearance: A darkened cloaked entity, with black and grey-ish colored clothing, which is a hint, to his even darker nature.
Creature Type or Human Race: Netherrealm being.
Position:Secret Fourth Pillar of the King aka Black Hand.
Personality: Mysterious and hidden in nature, yet ferocious and amensing in combat and when he strikes. Almost always silent, but when he does talk, he makes an argument which is of rationality and wisdom.
Dislikes:Morons, unclear-minded idiots and people with god-complexes and narcissistic behavior.
Action Roleplay Example: ,-As he'd raise his hand, he'd summon a giant crimson-red pentagram in mid-air, calling out his darkened scythe. With this he'd approach his prey with stealth and silence.. finishing it off quickly, by one slice, straight into the heart, which would cause it to collapse-.
Casual Roleplay Example: -Acilliaz would enter the tavern, with his darkened hoodie covering his even darker face. A very mysterious undertone to his nature would be showing, as he'd approach the bar for some of his daily refreshments.-


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