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Clothing, Mannerisms, and Expectations

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Clothing, Mannerisms, and Expectations

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 02, 2016 1:38 pm

Time Period: 1500's

Clothing (Women):
- For Servants: Black and Blue/Tan and Brown Colors. You must wear full length dresses, but if you want to show your feet, please wear simple shoes. NO jewelry or earrings. Your hair must be a realistic color such as brown, red, black, blonde, and gray. Do not wear regal clothing as you are not royal. DO NOT wear purple, gold, pink, green, red, or any bright colors.
- For Ladies in Waiting: You must wear light blue dresses, black shoes, and simple earrings. Do NOT wear necklaces or any of the colors that the Queen herself wears.
- For Ladies of the Court: You are high in status, but you are not a ruler. Therefore, keep your outfits clean and classy. Dresses only. Do NOT wear bright colors.

Clothing (Men):
- For Servants: Brown and Tan Colors only. You must wear simple clothing. NO jewelry. Keep on a pair of simple shoes at all times.
- For Knights: Black or Brown colors in a sweater. Black/Blue/Brown Pants. The clothing section of the store has a knight's uniform under Halloween. Please wear your uniform when you are on duty.

- You are in the 1500's, so act like it! Be polite to your friends and even your enemies. Ladies MUST curtsy to the Queen and King, and men MUST bow. Do not swear or use profanity. This could result in ban or kick.
- Do not sexually harass the women or men in this role play. Intimacy and adultery are allowed, but are looked down upon in the 1500's, so keep it quiet.
- Rude behavior towards the King, Queen, and their children may result in ban or removal of position.

- Greet the King and Queen as:
"Your Majesty"
"My Queen"
"My King"
"Your Grace(s)"
- NEVER greet the King and Queen by their name.


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